Sunday, April 28, 2019

Italy-Amo Gala 2019, May 26th

Dear Friend, Caro amico/a
In order to honor these heroes, in our community, some well known and some who have worked silently behind the scenes, Centro Scuola would like you to join in honoring them in an evening gala
Centro Scuola has been fulfilling its mandate of promoting the teaching of Italian Language and Culture within the Canadian contest.
After 40 years of successful collaboration with Boards of Education, community associations and stakeholders in education, Centro Scuola would like to recognize and thank the many people who have lavished their talents in promoting and teaching the Italian language and culture in the last 40 years. The efforts of Centro Scuola have also facilitated and opened the horizons to the teaching of other languages in the school system and other communities had been able to benefit from our commitment.
If we are able today to speak the Italian language in our community, if we have newspapers, events, performances in Italian, if our children could speak with their grandparents and relatives in Italy in Italian, if we could pray, appreciate fine poetry and art, which Italy is envied for, we owe it all to those who have made the teaching and the promotion of the Italian language their constant commitment throughout their life.

Domenico Servello